Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Starting Your Own Business With The Wharton Small Business Development Center

Whether you're in need of learning how to start your own business, or you already have a small business, and want to have it professionally evaluated for its success, the Wharton Small Business Development Center (WSBDC), at the University of Pennsylvania, is one of the best resources available to help you with your business needs. 

"The Wharton SBDC’s mission is to help small entrepreneurial businesses in the Greater Philadelphia region start, grow and prosper, and to enhance the education of Wharton students."
WSBDC offers a unique and highly effective method of couseling/teaching in which the students, the faculty, the staff, and partnerships with experienced professionals and leading outside organizations all work together in helping you learn how to develop your business. 
The WSBDC serves more than 600 businesses with individualized consulting. These programs serve the dual function of helping entrepreneurs start and grow their companies, while offering more than 300 students each year the opportunity to apply their academic coursework across such fields as finance, management, international and global studies, health care, life sciences and marketing to real-world entrepreneurial practice.

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Wharton Small Business Development Center Philadelphia

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