Tuesday, November 5, 2013

AdWords Tutorials - List of One for a Really Good Free AdWords Guide

AdWords - love it, hate it, it probably should be part of your Google and Internet marketing strategy. Many small businesses, not just in Philadelphia, but around the USA and Canada struggle with AdWords.  Should they advertise? If so, how.  If not, why not? Is so, in what way.

Here are some common issues in Google AdWords.

  • Keyword Match Types- how should you not only discover keywords for better advertising on Google, but how should you input them into AdWords?
  • The Google Display Network vs. the Google Search Network - did you know that Google is more than just Google? Advertising on Google can also get onto blogs, portals and even the nefarious "parked domains."
  • SEO vs. Google AdWords. Which is better the free stuff (SEO) or the paid stuff (AdWords)? It's not as easy as you'd think to answer that question.  BOTH are important, and BOTH have value.
Here's one of my favorite sites: a Google AdWords Tutorial at http://www.adwordstutorial.org/.

Oh there are other advertising opportunities for your small business - don't forget Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.  YouTube advertising is an interesting case because it is owned by Google, but run almost as a separate platform. And then there's real world advertising - which (believe it or not) still has relevance. So whether you are looking for a guide to AdWords, a tutorial, or a book, start with the free AdWords tutorial above, to "get started" learning about Google AdWords.


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