Thursday, November 14, 2013

Dallas SEO Training - What a Fantastic Idea!

My niece lives in Dallas, Texas, and I was so lucky to go out there and have some great Texas hospitality and enjoy the Texas BBQ. Of course, while I was out there, I couldn't help but look for business opportunities.  You know, me, the Philadelphia small biz always looking for classes, courses, and training opportunities for my Philadelphia brethren!
Dallas SEO

Dallas SEO Training Class

I love Philadelphia, but Dallas has some nifty things too.  One thing I learned was about Dallas SEO Training classes.  SEO of course is the art and science of search engine optimization, getting to the top of Google for free.  So people who live in Dallas have this unique opportunity - they can take an SEO class, and that class might be in Dallas itself or in nearby communities like Plano or Arlington.  What's nifty about this SEO training course in Dallas is that you can take it fully online.

So guess what Philadelphia people, you can take a so-called Dallas SEO training class directly from your computer.  You don't need to be in Dallas, but I would recommend a trip there because the BBQ is awesome.


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